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Power is far more effective than other “green” cleaners & leaves a light, pleasing scent. MR. Los Angeles, CA

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Kookaburra Power does it all.

Our plant based alternative to traditional multi purpose cleaners.


  • Cleaning - stoves, sinks, mirrors, counters, floors, carpet, spot treatment for carpets.
    (Spray applications ½ oz – 24 oz water, Pails 1 oz – 1 gallon, spot cleaning spray dilution – full strength)
  • Odor - the dual deodorizing action of Tea Tree and Orange oil eliminate rather than cover up odors. (pet, trash cans, diaper pails, mold and mildew, smoke and even skunk)
  • Laundry - spot treatment for laundry (the perfect compliment to Kookaburra Wash or Delicate)


  • One product for all your cleaning needs
  • $11.95/16oz bottle makes 32 – 24oz making it .37 a bottle spray bottles (1gal $65.95 = making it .26 a spray bottle a gallon is equal to 8, 16 oz bottle)

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