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“Kookaburra is the best wool wash I’ve found, and I recommend it to everyone…”
Carina Gunnerson Battle Creek, MI

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Kooka Talk

Topic: Customers FaceBook
01:28pm CST, 10 Dec 2013

We love our customers and we love when you share with us. If you want to learn more about our products and hear directly from our customers like us on Facebook and see what they have to share.

Topic: Fun Stuff
11:44am CST, 3 Jan 2012

I always get spots on my carpet. Wine spill, food spill, shoe tracking dirt, etc. Now red wine is the worst of all but I do not fret anymore. I got Kookaburra Wash! Stain comes off. Now I use Kookaburra Power for steam cleaning carpet, too. I started out using Kookaburra Wash for my handspun natural fibers. Then went on using Scour for scouring wool and mohair fleece. The results are incomparable to my old detergents. I can scour most delicate Merino fleece without felting! Dusting with diluted Wash spray replaced all my cleaning supplies. There are much much more....you can actually kill those mites live in your eyebrow. Cats repellant, too. Washing sheep skin, wool area rugs, dogs.....The best part is it is all natural. I will do my best to recommend your products to more people.

Mitsuko Fredrickson

Topic: Customers Nothing works like Kookaburra on carpets!
02:58pm CDT, 14 Oct 2011

I think I have told everyone that comes into the pharmacy how wonderful Kooaburra products are!! I never would have believed that our broadloom carpet would be clean!! Before we moved in we had a very reputable carpet cleaning service come in and they spot treated it (twice)and steamed cleaned it with their very impressive huge van based machine. When it dried thoroughly the stains from former renters began to reappear, we then tried every conceivable potion to no avail. We were at the Canon City,Colorado farmers market when we saw you and you gave us samples to try. Skeptically, we tried the Power sample on a particularly bad stain and it came out!! Even withthe older model of carpet cleaning machine that we have, it worked a miracle!! We returned and bought the Power Cleaner and set about cleaning in earnest. I cannot tell you how many times we changed the tank and were both impressed and appalled at how filthy the carpet was!! Our broadloom carpet is now at least 7 shades lighter than before, we thought that it was supposed to be a darker brown mix, we were SO wrong!! The cream color is now distinct and the browns are really sharp! I cannot say enough about your product!! Nothing has "risen" to the top and we couldn't be more impressed!! The Power even got out the smell of where our dog had a few accidents and he is no longer attracted to that spot, so you know it is truly gone!!

Thank you so much, you definitely have a faithful customer!!


Canon City, Colorado

Topic: Customers Kookaburra gets rid of the worst smells.
02:54pm CDT, 14 Oct 2011

It is gross but real to life: My toddler vomited on my "dry clean only" upholstered couch cushion covers. I washed and washed them in the machine with another cleaner that I like, but it was not until I used the bottle that I normally reserve for washing my woolens--Kooka Wash--that the smell came out! It was great. Courtney

Topic: Customers Facebook comments
03:15pm CDT, 12 May 2011

We love our Facebook Fans and have received some very nice comments about our products that I thought I would share.

I use it for my hand knitted items. They come out soft, smell good and the tea tree gives moth protection. Carole

It is fantastic for cleaning mohair fleeces- just one or 2 washes compared to 3 or 4 w/ other cleansers, and, it doesn't strip the mohair so much that it looses its silkiness. Mindy

I use the delicate on my infants clothes. They come out soft & smelling wonderful. With a little pre-scrub before washing it has even taken out what I thought would have been a stain because of a very messy diaper. Amber

I use it for blocking or washing my hand knits. Leaves a nice fresh smell when dry :) Amy



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